Thursday, February 20, 2014

xfdashboard versus slingshot

While the debate has been going on on what launcher to use for touch we have decided to go ahead and use Slingshot.  It may be older, but its also a more tried and true approach.  The preliminary build of xfdashboard while it looks like the GNOME dashboard needs a ton more integration, functionality and stability work.  So we are sticking with Slingshot at this time.

kernel 3.14rc2 Released for Black Lab Linux 4.2

Kernel 3.14rc2 has been released for users of Black Lab Linux 4.2.  This is a highly experimental kernel and should not be used on production systems.

After installing this kernel your system may not boot and we recommend that you do not uninstall your older kernel so you have a fallback.  This snapshot though, does showcase all the new technologies that are coming in the Linux kernel

Download from Our Sourceforge Experimental Folder

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 4.3 Alpha 0.6 build 11 released

For our Alpha testers:

Today we released Alpha 0.6  Codenamed "Terak Nor"

This release includes the RC candidate of the Linux kernel 3.14
OpenSSH 6
Samba 4

We have also made more progress on the 3.8 kernel series and have implemented the full new desktop functionality in this release.

Upcoming changes include:

Mate Build
Whisker Menu changes.